Car Rentals

There are a lot of situations which may give you cause to rent a vehicle, so knowing how to get a good deal on car rentals is important to everyone. For instance, you may need to have access to a bigger vehicle for transport purposes during a house move, or you could need to make an impressions with business associates, so getting a better vehicle for a short period could be your ideal solution.

There are plenty of ways you can go about renting a vehicle. You can go for the short term options, which is ideal for what we’ve already discussed, as well as in the event you’ve travelled by plane or train to a different location, or you could want to lease a car for a longer period. This also presents a great opportunity, allowing you to acquire a high quality car, while still avoiding the risk that someday it may be reposessed if you suddenly lose the ability to pay for it.

The Mercedes Benz Vito Sport-X

The Vito Sport-X is probably one of the best looking vans on the market, and I will certainly turn a few heads along the way. Imaging all that you would want in a sports car and put it in a van; that’s what you get with this quick powerful motor.

With the Vito Sport-X, you get a beast of an engine; a huge 3.0 litre V6 diesel, so you’ll certainly have the firepower to keep up with the majority of sports cars on roads today. Magma red, white and metallic are the only colour options, but they suit the style, while the 18 inch alloy wheels also add a touch of class.

Inside you also get plenty of conveniences such as the superb sounds system, and multi function steering wheel while navigation system is cleverly built in to the stereo. It’s a van for the brave and it is certainly going to be one of the most popular vans on the market.

The BMW 2 Series

BMW is a manufacturer that has plenty of impressive Carson the marketing, from powerful petrol motors to fuel efficient hybrids. So what’s the 2 series all about?

The BMW 2 series is one of the most sensible BMW’s but it still aims to be ‘exciting and dynamic’. The coupe version has 3 doors, and it’s one of the cheapest new BMWs on the market.

The car also benefits from 8-speed automatic transmission and you’ll barely notice you’ve flown through the gears, while eh style of the car itself is superb. It has aerodynamic curves, stunning alloys and it still has that original BMW appeal too. If you’re a BMW fan then this could be the car for you, but it’s certainly not a family car.

Indications of a Broken Clutch

There are many ways to tell whether your clutch is on the way out, and you can actually spot the signs early on if you’re paying some care and attention.

A soft clutch pedal can be a big indicator that your clutch is on the way out, and this is often related to leak, so get this checked out early. There should always be some sort of stiffness to putting a clutch down, and it shouldn’t feel light.

If you’re finding it difficult to change gear, then this is also an indicator. You may find that your gears are starting to crunch and make loud sounds and this is because the clutch is not functioning as it should. You should always make sure you clutch is functioning as it should because it’s certainly a costly repair, and if you spot the signs early enough you may save yourself heaps of money.

Goodbye to Manual Cars

It could soon be time to say goodbye to manual cars, because the majority of new cars are now being released with automatic gearboxes. From BMWs to Ferrari’s and Fords; automatics seem to be the way forward, but some will argue they are less fun to drive.

Soon people will not need to pass their driving test in a manual vehicle, and why should they if they’re never going to own a manual car, and even the bog standard 214 Ford Focus has an automatic gearbox.

Some people enjoy the ease that comes with driving an automatic, while other’s see it as a lazy way of driving, and a method that really only involves steering, but is it the way forward, and is it more reliable?

There’s an element of interacting with your engine that will not exist in newer cars, and people may well hold on to their manual vehicles, so they can feel the engine, and not have the car shift though the gears on its own.