Taking your car to a gear box specialist

As your car gets older, gear box problems become more common.

If you notice that you are starting to have problems with your gear box then you may want to take your car to a gear box specialist. Most garages will be able to look at a gear box for you, but often you will get the work completed quicker if you take it to a specialist who knows exactly what to do. You may think that a specialist will charge a lot more than your usual garage but this isn’t always the case, In fact, sometimes they may even charge you less as they are more experienced in gear boxes and therefore don’t need to spend so much time investigating the issue or fixing it.

If you think you need a new gear box, you can be looking at spending in excess of a couple of thousand pounds. Some specialists will actually rebuild the gear box for you saving you potentially a lot of money. Be sure that if you are going to go for a reconditioned gear box, that you get a decent warranty with it as you do not want to be forking out for another one a few months down the line.