Each and every month it can seem like there’s a brand new car hitting the market but not all of them prove to be successful. Some fail miserably and this is often down to manufacturers not fully understanding the target audience or perhaps making an error in judgement on design. There are cars though that seem to get better and better over time, and one of those cars is the Peugeot 308. This model was voted car of the year in 2014 and it’s certainly come on leaps and bounds, and it’s probably one of the finest motors Peugeot has ever made.

A solid car that’s continues to improve over time is the BMW 4 Series. This model benefits from a superb aerodynamic design, and extremely smart interior. This BMW moves away slightly from the executive feel, and you can get red black, white or blue racing upholstery, and a dashboard to match. Every button has a luxury feel about it and it’s certainly a car that can fit in alongside a Bentley, or a Mercedes.

Cars do often fail miserably, and the Suzuki X-90 will always be remembered as a flop. This was voted one of the worst cars on top gear over the last 20 years and it was taken off the sale line after 18 months. It’s never lived up to expectations, which were pretty low to start with, and there are not many manufacturers out there that would think about replicating this type of design.

People spend hours and hours each day in their cars and people to take a great deal of pride in the cars they own. There are certainly expectations that come with a car, some people want comfort and a smooth ride, other individuals want speed and power, then another type of individual may not be fussed at all. Different cars are aimed at different audiences and cars really fail in terms of sails when that audience is misjudged. It takes a huge deal of media coverage or popularity to see a car become a classic. It certainly happened with the original Mini, the Volkswagen Golf and the Beatle, and these were all everyday vehicles that saw huge sales, and the originals ore now given the ‘classic’ title.

There may not have been many cars over the last few years that will really make their name as a classic but only time will tell. Even the Reliant Regal is seen as a classic, and it may not exactly be classed as a car, only took one popular sitcom and various jokes to make it an outright classic.