The importance of your window screen wipers

It may seem like such a small part of your vehicle, but the window screen wipers play a big part in the safety of the vehicle. Wipers are checked on an MOT and they will fail if they do not clear the screen effectively but you should not leave it until your MOT if you notice they are not working as well as they used to. Often to replace a set of front wiper blades costs around twenty to thirty pounds for the pair. You can usually fit them yourself quite easily but many garages or some shops will for them for you.

Ensuring that you have enough window screen wash is also essential. Driving with a dirty screen can make it really hard to see and can easily cause an accident. You should check your washer fluid levels often and top them up before going on any long journeys. If your wiper blades are ok and you have washer fluid in, it may be that your screen is too greasy. Often washer fluid Is not enough to remove it and instead you need to wash the window screen to get rid of the greasy marks which can make it really hard to see out of.