Do you know the rules around number plates?

All cars in the UK have to have a number plate displayed on the front and back of a car. Did you know that there are very tight rules and restrictions on what your can and cant do with your numberplate?

 The numberplate on the front of your car needs to have a white background. Anything other than a white background is not allowed and can land you with a penalty. The plate on the back of the vehicle needs to have a yellow background. All the numbers and letters on the plate need to be printed in the standard font that is allowed and italics are not permitted. You can however have 3D letters in this font if you wish.

Some people choose to buy a personalised number plate for their car. Although they can choose what they want the plate to read to an extent there are still tight restrictions on the way the numbers and letters have to be displayed. Some people try to use screws and black caps to make a letter look like another one on their number plate but this is illegal and could land you with a fine. To get a new plate printed you have to take ID and proof that you are the registered keep to the place where you want to get them done. They will be able to advise you on what is and isn’t allowed.