Number Plates

Every single road vehicle in the United Kingdom has a number plate. It is the vehicle’s unique identity but not everybody is satisfied with the registration their vehicle is assigned with. Today it’s relatively easy to buy a personalised number plate, perhaps a number plate with a combination that spells out name, a significant date or a funny phrase. There are so many different options out there, but the cost of these number plates varies significantly.

The rarest plates tend to be the ones that contain barely any letters and the number 1. For example the number plate “VIP 1” sold for £285,000 but some personalised registrations can cost as little as £50. If you’re only looking for initials then you may be able to pick up a relatively cheap registration plate so the price all depends on your own requirements.

Vehicle registrations allow the police to identify your vehicle in the event of an incident or an accident so they’re instrumental in terms of prosecuting or fining drivers who break the law. So while they can often be looked at as a car accessory they’re still an extremely important element of a vehicle.

The spacing on a registration must be correct and fitting with the DVLA guidelines, and registrations that do not meet the requirements can prompt serious legal action. It’s always important the check a registration before you purchase a vehicle. MOTs always involve the checking of the number plates and anything form a incorrectly spaced letter or a chip that prevents the combination from being easily readable can cause an MOT fail.

Whenever you opt to buy a new number plate it’s important to know who you’re dealing with and you should always check the experience of a company. Number plates can be more than a combination number and here are so many ways to make it personal and unique, however you must always follow the necessary guidelines, and if you do you will not run into any problem in the future.

The popularity of customised plates has increased significantly in recent years and that’s because they’re becoming more affordable, while the range is larger than ever. Some people even snap them up as an investment for the future and they can acquire a decent return. It’s an accessory that seems to only grow in popularity and it’s something many people are beginning to consider.