Choosing a personalised number plate for a loved one

If you are struggling as to what to get for your loved one for their birthday or for Christmas, how about a personalised numberplate for their car or van. There are a huge number of number plates available to buy starting from around £150 upwards of hundreds of thousands of pounds.

There are some great websites that allow you to type in a number or combination of names and numbers and it will show you a range of number plates that may be suitable to you. It will often show some of the cheaper plates that may not be as close to what you wanted but then also some more expensive ones.

Many of the number plates companies will also offer a service where they will try and source a particular plate for you if that is what you want. They can also help recommend plates that my closely match what you want. When buying a plate you do have to also check what other charges you may have to plate. If you want to put the plate straight on to a vehicle then you will have to pay different fees as to if you are planning to put it on retention. Sometimes these charges are paid to the DVLA and sometimes they are paid to the company you are buying the plate from.