Is your air con working in your car?

If your car is supposed to have air conditioning, you may not realise that it isn’t working until the summer months. Often things like aircon are not covered by a warranty so you may have to fork out yourself if you want it fixed.

The air conditioning unit should not only blow out cool air but it should be really cold when on full. Sometimes it can take a little while for it to get down to temperature but if it is coming out cool or air temperature then something is not working correctly. It may be that the aircon unit simply needs to be filled up which usually costs around £60 or it may be that you have a leak somewhere. It is often hard to find a leak and usually you need to take it to a specialist garage for them to diagnose. Many garages off a free aircon check but all they do is check the pressure. IF the pressure is low then they know there is likely to be a leak somewhere but they will usually then charge a fee to find and fix the leak. They can add a UV dye to the air con system which will then allow then to use a black light and find where the dye is leaking from. It may be that a hose has split and needs to be replaced.