How to keep on top of your car cleaning

The summers in the UK can be very unpredictable. We can have weeks and weeks of rain or scoring hot days that seem to get hotter each year. If it important to look after your car not only mechanically but also the body work and the interior.

If you have children you may start to let them eat or drink in the car and find that the seats are covered with crumbs and wrappers. Even if they are in a child seat, the food still manages to find its way under and start to get into the seats of the vehicle.

It is really important to invest in some good quality seat covers. For the back seats, it is even more important to try and find ones that have the right cut outs for the seat belts and for an arm rest (if you have one). These seat covers can then easily be removed and shaken off or even washed if needs be.

In order to keep your car clean you need to ensure that you give it a good clean inside and out at least a couple of times a month. Vacuum over all the seats first starting from the top and then working your way down to the floor.