Winter car checks to do now

If you want to have trouble-free motoring during the winter months it is essential that you give your vehicle some attention now. While many car dealerships offer a winter vehicle health check there is nothing stopping you from conducting these checks yourself saving money into the bargain.

Firstly, pop the bonnet and check on the washer fluid. Because the roads are gritted during the winter the salt from the grit gets onto the windscreen and so it needs frequent washing when driving. Make sure that there is screen wash in the system that has an anti-freeze agent in it to prevent ice forming as you wash. Whilst under the bonnet check the oil levels too.

Being able to see clearly through the windscreen is vital to safe driving at any time of the year so check that the windscreen wipers are effectively clearing the screen and if not then seek replacements. On a day when the windscreen is clear, check to make sure there are no chips or cracks as freezing conditions can cause a small crack to shatter the whole screen. Most insurance companies have a windscreen replacement element to them and so it is straightforward to get it replaced.