Goodbye to Manual Cars

It could soon be time to say goodbye to manual cars, because the majority of new cars are now being released with automatic gearboxes. From BMWs to Ferrari’s and Fords; automatics seem to be the way forward, but some will argue they are less fun to drive.

Soon people will not need to pass their driving test in a manual vehicle, and why should they if they’re never going to own a manual car, and even the bog standard 214 Ford Focus has an automatic gearbox.

Some people enjoy the ease that comes with driving an automatic, while other’s see it as a lazy way of driving, and a method that really only involves steering, but is it the way forward, and is it more reliable?

There’s an element of interacting with your engine that will not exist in newer cars, and people may well hold on to their manual vehicles, so they can feel the engine, and not have the car shift though the gears on its own.