Should you park your vehicle in a garage over night?

If you have a garage, then you may wonder if it is worth parking your car in there overnight. The main purpose of a garage is to house a vehicle but many of us now use them as extra storage, a utility room or even as a gym or playroom for the kids.

There are many advantages to parking your car in your garage, such as improved security. Having your vehicle locked away means that not only are you less likely to become a target but also that if you do then you the thieves will first have to get into your garage before they even attempt to break in to your car.

Not only will a garage over you protection in terms of a higher level of security but it will also mean you do not have to contend with defrosting and de misting your screen in the morning before you set off from work. This can not only save you time but money too as you will not have to have the engine running for long before you can set off. It also means that you don’t run the risk of driving off when our windows are not completely clear which can be very dangerous.