Looking at you vs me, we are EXTREMELY close to each other in

5 points submitted 1 hour agoI’m a fan. I like her powerset and backstory and my fave Avengers always seem to be the ones who were evil first and then switch sides, so she’s a contributor to that pattern.I’ve also taken to shipping her with Vision as a fun crackship though I know they’ll never interact again after NRH is over bc they’ll both be in limbo and with Vision’s arc probably completed whether through death or character development, they’re not gonna bring him back for a possible sequel series.I am surprised Voyager hasn’t been killed off yet though.Buoyant_Armiger 24 points submitted 10 hours agoI know, it’s absurd. Luke has a million things that could be demanding his attention, but he could still be a mentor and voice of support to the new characters.I feel like they kinda screwed up by having the FO annihilate a trillion people like it was no big deal.

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uk canada goose Try to be aware of their lanes, and when you can push to tower and get some early tower damage down.Your ward placements are above average, but your vision denial game needs a lot of work.Looking at you vs me, we are EXTREMELY close to each other in terms of most stuff. (I fight well, but die too often solo, I tend to do a bit more damage, and take a bit less. My objective game is quite a bit more aggressive than yours, but my winrate is lower, so you know uk canada goose.