Indications of a Broken Clutch

There are many ways to tell whether your clutch is on the way out, and you can actually spot the signs early on if you’re paying some care and attention.

A soft clutch pedal can be a big indicator that your clutch is on the way out, and this is often related to leak, so get this checked out early. There should always be some sort of stiffness to putting a clutch down, and it shouldn’t feel light.

If you’re finding it difficult to change gear, then this is also an indicator. You may find that your gears are starting to crunch and make loud sounds and this is because the clutch is not functioning as it should. You should always make sure you clutch is functioning as it should because it’s certainly a costly repair, and if you spot the signs early enough you may save yourself heaps of money.

Goodbye to Manual Cars

It could soon be time to say goodbye to manual cars, because the majority of new cars are now being released with automatic gearboxes. From BMWs to Ferrari’s and Fords; automatics seem to be the way forward, but some will argue they are less fun to drive.

Soon people will not need to pass their driving test in a manual vehicle, and why should they if they’re never going to own a manual car, and even the bog standard 214 Ford Focus has an automatic gearbox.

Some people enjoy the ease that comes with driving an automatic, while other’s see it as a lazy way of driving, and a method that really only involves steering, but is it the way forward, and is it more reliable?

There’s an element of interacting with your engine that will not exist in newer cars, and people may well hold on to their manual vehicles, so they can feel the engine, and not have the car shift though the gears on its own.

The Volkswagen Camper Van

If you’re a keen traveller and you love to take a journey in style then you should certainly consider a Volkswagen Camper Van. These are perfect for general camping, gigs, long journey and adventures, and though the top speed won’t be very fast, it will not mater, because you won’t be in any hurry to reach your destination.

The original Volkswagen Camper Van became popular among hippies, and that’s actually the case today, and it’s recognised as a van of ‘peace’ and it can be the perfect vehicle for a memorable journey with family and friends.

These Volkswagen camper vans do come at a price however, and they’re now seen as a classic, while the camper vans in mint condition are seen as a rarity and the price represents this. If you want a unique van that will offer you plenty of fun road trips then make sure you consider a VW Camper van.